on offers and reflections of modernism in architecture.

The design relates the outside to the inside and inside to outside through keeping the transparency, managing the openings, allowing permeability, and creating a senseful circulation. It forms the boundaries of an “in between space” which is shaped according to people’s daily practices and desires. It gives what is “necessary” and “essential” and does not overcrowds the already struggled lives and minds of inhabitants.

It has a clear-cut design, choice of material and geometry. Moreover, it uses the forms, edges, light, and texture of material in its good. It does not hide its characteristic and the structure that makes it exist. It offers spatial experience through spacious interior, rich but neat furnishing, letting the glowing sunshine in through fresh and transparent approach in glazing.

It keeps design and elements simple yet contains a certain complexity and ideology. It inhabits people genuinely and forms its design and function thoroughly. It is a pure example of simplicity in form, material, ambience, light, view and feeling. It makes use of open plan and flexible spaces which does not have distinct boundaries in between. Moreover, it supports the flexibility and lightness through the separation of façade which allows creating in-between spaces that directs the flow. Overall, the design offers its habitants an optimum life and expects to explicitly show its characteristics with no hesitation.

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ODTÜ // Instagram: @meltemsahin11 @oncekahvem https://www.meltemsahin.rocks/

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Meltem ŞAHİN

Meltem ŞAHİN

ODTÜ // Instagram: @meltemsahin11 @oncekahvem https://www.meltemsahin.rocks/

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